BhangraRoots introduces the participants for the history of Bhangra. It teaches you the foundation and formula to teach Bhangrabeats® classes!  You’ll learn the basic Bhangra steps and movements and then learn how to put these steps together into a choreography. Everyone who wants to be certified in Bhangrabeats Fitness must pass the beginner level before he or she can proceed to one of the other levels.

Before signing up for the course, you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and the conditions in the Bhangrabeats License Agreement.

Course content

Introduction to the history of Bhangra
Understanding of the rhythms in Bhangra music
Training steps and choreographies
Bhangrabeats warm-up and stretch out program

Course completion

Upon successful completion you can expect:

Certificate from Bhangrabeats
License to lead your own Bhangrabeats®classes
Bhangrabeats®training manual
Bhangrabeats®,instructional DVD with steps and choreographies
Music for your classes
Option of joining Bhangra®instructor network


2 days (18 hours)

Total Cost : 400 EUR(depending on where you live)