Bhangra has become very popular in sports clubs where Bhangrabeats has introduced it. That’s why the Bhangrabeats held its first instructor training in 2012. You can always contact me in order to find out where I host events and join the class if you want to find out whether you find it interesting to become a Bhangrabeats instructor.

There are some requirements that must be met in order to become a Bhangrabeats instructor.  This is because Bhangrabeats wants to train instructors who can deliver a high-quality fitness class.

The following skills are necessary to be eligible for the program and get a certification
from Bhangrabeats :

  • Teaching experience
  • Good coordination ability
  • Rhythmic sense
  • Fitness knowledge

In addition there are a number of contractual requirements that you will have the opportunity to read through before you sign up for the program. Upon successful completion you will get a certificate from Bhangrabeats and license to lead your own Bhangrabeats®classes. There is an opportunity for a level 2 Bhangrabeats training after completion of level 1.