“Bhangra is a fascinating combination of physical exercise, splendid Indian music and especially a tribute to the joy of life! Imtiaz is a super dedicated teacher who has really set a new standard for how inspiring and fun exercise can be. Bhangra with Imtiaz is a great experience that I can only recommend everyone to try!”
– Lene Green, Physical Form, Vesterbro

“I love dancing as workout. Having danced zumba for 4 years I was eager to try out alternatives to having fun and sweating- and bhangra with Imtiaz IS great fun. Imtiaz is really dedicated and she makes all feel like one happy crowd. She and Bhangrabeats have my best recommendations!
-Karina Braum, Urban Fitness, Amager

“I have not had the greatest interest in dance or Zumba, but was suddenly invited to a Bhangrabeats event in Life Club Roskilde. I must admit that I was so positively surprised and clearly changed my perception of Bhangrabeats after trying it. It was a great experience to encounter a new culture, its music, rhythm and joy and the same time burn a lot of calories with a lot of other happy participants. We danced and had a good time, sweated and burned a lot of calories together with the sparkling and energizing instructor Imtiaz. Imtiaz has a strong charisma and energy which rubs off on all the participants, so you completely forget that you are trying a completely new and different kind of class. It’s the coolest thing I’ve been tried! Imtiaz you are simply amazing! It’s definitely something I will be able to participate in again, and we have a fantastic time in Life Club when we dance Bhangrabeats. Thanks Imtiaz for some great times”.
– Tine SjĂžberg , Life Fitness Club , Roskilde

“I’ve tried almost all forms of dance and Bhangrabeats is definitely the most fun class I’ve been to. Simple steps and yet a challenging class.”
-Lola Baidel, SATS Denmark, Vesterbro