“Center for Better Quality of Life, Tune IF, has held a Bhangra event with Imtiaz from Bhangrabeats. It was a SUPER event. Prior to the event I had a great cooperation with Imtiaz. Imtiaz is very professional, both in terms of the process prior to the event in relation to planning and follow-up, but, not least as a teacher is Imtiaz fantastic and a super instructor. Imtiaz is very well prepared, smiling, nice and positive. We have had nothing but positive feedback from the participants and we will start Bhangrabeats classes in the future. Bhangra is cheerful, fun and a very effective workout. Our 5 zumba instructors took part in the event and they had one big PARTY! Everyone has said that Bhangrabeats is fun and effective. Several of our members want us to host Bhangrabeats classes”.
– Tina Greve Mathisen, Deputy Head, Centre for Better Quality of Life, Tune IF

“Fit&Sund in Hørsholm was introduced to Bhangra and Bhangrabeats by Imtiaz Bagum, who held two events at our Fitness Center. The participants in Fit&Sund were very enthusiastic about the classes and we consider hosting Bhangra classes very soon. Our collaboration with Imtiaz has been very professional in relation to the presentation of Bhangra and Bhangrabeats and in the teaching of the classes “
-Mette Tjæder, Owner of Fit&Sund, Hørsholm

“I have had the opportunity to get Imtiaz Bagum from Bhangrabeats out in Life Club sometimes and hold some Bhangrabeats events. It has been a very positive experience. Imtiaz is very dedicated and she wants to do her best to give both the organizer and the participants a great experience. She is definitely a serious partner and a very good Bhangra dancer. We are looking forward to getting one or more instructors educated trained by her, so that our members will be allowed to dance Bhangrabeats regularly. There has been good support for her events. Big thanks to Imtiaz! “
-Anne Marie Madsen, Owner of Life Club Fitness, Roskilde