Bhangrabeats was founded in 2014 and consists of founder and owner Imtiaz Bagum, who teaches  the original energy full and happy Indian and Pakistani dance, called Bhangra. Bhangrabeats wants to spread Bhangra both as a cultural dance and a workout worldwide. The aim is to create a unique platform where people from different cultural backgrounds meet and share their passion for dance. Furthermore, the aim is simply to help promote health, fitness, Indian and Pakistani culture along with the knowledge of Bhangra worldwide.

Founder Imtiaz Bagum and a number of her students have performed at various private and public events. We have received very positive publicity and managed to create a demand for Bhangra in Denmark and other nearby countries. Bhangrabeats got its debut when we performed at the concert of two of the most famous Bhangra singers, Juggy D and H Dhami in Denmark.