What is Bhangrabeats Fitness?

Bhangra and hereby Bhangrabeats has become very popular in gyms, which is not surprising since it is a fun way to get in shape. Bhangra is a lively folk dance from the northern Indian state of Punjab. Dancers move their arms and legs to the strong beat of the music.

Bhangra is characterized by intense aerobic exercise and increased endurance and therefore it works well as a viable alternative to existing aerobics and dance forms in the fitness industry. Bhangrabeats is a fitness program that combines aerobic exercise, Indian culture and music.

Who can dance Bhangrabeats?

Bhangrabeats fitness is suitable for people of all ages regardless of fitness level . The classes are always carefully planned and I make sure that the steps are simple and easy to follow. We teach all of the steps so that everyone can participate and classes are designed to people of all ages and fitness levels who love to stay physically active and get a touch of the Indian culture.

Bhangrabeats has enjoyed a surge in popularity because it is easy to do and fun at the same time.

What are the benefits of Bhangra Fitness?

The moves in Bhangra are stomping feet, shoulder-shrugging, hand-clapping and swinging arms. The Bhangrabeats aerobic dance involves continuous, rhythmic body movements designed to raise heart rate, strengthen the lungs and work out all the major muscle groups in the body like the legs and buttocks. This workout is done to music with pulsating beat to set the tempo.  A 45-minute Bhangra aerobic dance burns 500 calories.

The physiological benefits derived from Bhangra workout include:

  • Improved overall cardiovascula functions
  • Renewed physical stamina
  • Enhanced muscle tone flexibility
  • Increased lung power
  • Weight loss

Psychologically, the Bhangra aerobic dance works like a stress and tension buster. It improves one’s attitude and increase personal confidence.

If group activities appeal to you, join the Bhangrabeats workout. It is a mild aerobic exercise sans the boring part – rigid rules and routines. It is a fun and pleasurable social affair. The workout takes place with an infectious and upbeat music and everyone is in a happy mood. It is like having the best of both worlds – healthy and happy.